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Does Your Toilet Have a Silent Leak?

When your toilet develops a leak, it is never a fun thing. They can be stressful as it’s sometimes hard to tell where the leak is situated and what you can do to sort it. Well, the ones that you can spot are the ones that are quite easy to sort as you know when a leak has appeared, it is the silent ones that you should worry about.

You can tell your toilet has a leak when you hear water when it is not running, you have to keep the handle pressed to empty the tank, there is water running down the sides of the toilet when the toilet is flushed or when the toilet continues the run when the handle has not been pressed. However, a silent leak is when none of these appears and it is quite hard to spot the leak.

Obviously, with a silent leak, you will not be able to see or hear it, so there isn’t really something to notify you to get it fixed. This means that you should test for silent leaks as a part of your regular plumbing maintenance. There are a couple of tests that you can use to find a silent leak and we will go through these with you so you can figure out if you have a toilet leak or not.

The first method to test for a silent leak would be a dye test. This is probably the easier and most popular choice for diagnosing a silent leak. You can purchase a dye from most plumbing suppliers or water companies, which will most likely be a red dye. With this dye, you put it into the water tank of the toilet. Before you place the dye into the water, you must remove any other substance, such as drain unblocker, so that the water is completely clear. Add the dye to the clear water and wait for about half an hour. Make sure that you put enough dye in to ensure that the colour of the water is a dark colour. If the colour has seeped into the toilet bowl, then you have a silent toilet leak.

The second test you can do is to turn off the water at the water pipe that connects to the toilet before you go to bed. If when you wake up the water has gone down in the water tank, you have a silent toilet leak.

The reasons behind toilet leaks can be many, which include: worn out flapper ball, damaged seat beneath the flapper, damaged gasket under the flush valve, a hole or a crack in the overflow tube, or a new washer or seat is needed for a ballcock. If you have a toilet leak it can waste a lot of water, even as much as 500 gallons a day!

If you do find that you have a toilet leak, either a silent one or not, get in touch with Paul at We Clear Blockageswho will be able to sort that right out for you!

It could save you money on your water bill and ensure your toilet functions properly, so give us a call!

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